Hopedale House Admissions (residential)

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Hopedale has designated number of 10 residential children on roll, and accepts boys and girls in the 5-18 age range. Referrals are accepted from Local Authorities, and to ensure group cohesion and appropriate matching, all potential applicants for places are processed carefully by the Registered Manager and Principal.

It is anticipated that children will have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and/or may have aspects of Autistic Spectrum Condition. Many prospective children may have a statement of special educational needs; however this is not essential, since the school Principal is highly experienced in gaining statements for pupils if necessary.

The policy of Hopedale House is to obtain as much relevant information as possible about the child, school situation and family background prior to admission.

In planned placements the placement plan will be written prior to admission to Hopedale House. Where this is not the case our ‘Admissions’ process regarding emergency placements (above) will be implemented. A copy of the child’s placement plan will be placed on file.

The placement plan will be consistent with that of the child’s ‘Placing Authority’; the Placing Authority will have an overarching plan that identifies the child's needs, the kind of placement needed, what objectives the placement is required to aim for. The child’s social worker is likely to have a key role in this process and the child will also be involved, as far as is possible, in the preparation (and review) of their plan. All appropriate and relevant individuals, including the therapist, should be consulted when the plans are drawn up and/or reviewed. At all times the wishes and feelings of the children will be advocated and language used that is appropriate to the age and understanding of the children.

Where at all possible, children will receive an attractive; age appropriate Children’s Guide and visit to Hopedale House, prior to admission. Children will be encouraged to bring with them any personal or favourite possessions and will receive a warm welcome and their favourite meal.

Children will be given a guided tour of Hopedale House, with their parents, carers and/or social worker. They will be offered help to settle into their bedroom or may choose to spend time alone. The procedure is child focused and as far as practicable child-led.

Below is a summary of the admissions process: